To a large degree, the foundation for good health begins with the food we eat. Hippocrates already said 2000 years ago: “Let thy food be thy Medicine” As no two people are identical, our nutritional needs are also individual.

A personalised consultation gives us an opportunity to work out exactly where we’re starting from, what your personal challenges and health goals are, and, how I can help you to get the results you need.

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Whats Included in our Nutrition Coaching?

  • When you make your booking, I will email you a template and ask you to fill in a protocol, where you note EVERYTHING you eat/drink for 1 week, so I can work out how many Macro – & Micro Nutrients, Vitamins, Minerals and Essential Trace Elements you are getting (or not getting!) from your current diet/lifestyle
  • Next we sit down together and work out a plan of action for you. Maybe one or more of these, or some other issues will be important for you:
  • Digestion and Gut health
  • Weight Management; loss/gain
  • Nutrition Guidance to help in the prevention of diet-related diseases
  • Want to incorporate more plant-foods in your daily meal plan
  • Or transition to be a Vegan without missing out on any essential nutrients needed for optimum health; Nutrition education to learn what to do, supported by chefs cooking lessons for how to do it

Initial consultations: 90 minutes
Follow-up consultations: 45 minutes

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Increase your energy, improve your immune system with a nutrient tense, enzyme rich whole-food meal plan

Clients Says

Robert Corse-Scott

Being a chef for 30 years I have still learnt so much from Franziska. Her passion for healthy food and her cooking skills are rare to find. I would highly recommend anyone looking for advice or just to get healthy to come to a class. I think you will be surprised by what you learn.

Loved the planted based cooking classes especially the sugar and dairy free baking class. Definitely worth checking it out.

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