Personal Coaching




What’s Included in our Nutrition Coaching?

  • We sit down together so I can get a good understanding of your history and your goals to see how I can best help you.
  • I do not diagnose any serious health condition you may have. My work (and passion) is to help you to adopt a lifestyle, that will afford you long-term health, not a short-term diet. Teach you how to put together a meal plan and provide classes to show you how to prepare your meals in a delicious, yet healthy way.
  • Next, we tailor a plan of action for you.
  • Maybe one or more of these, or some other issues will be essential for you:
  • Digestion and Gut Health
  • Weight Management; loss/gain
  • Nutrition Guidance to help in the prevention of diet-related diseases
  • Want to incorporate more plant foods in your daily meal plan
  • You may want to transition to being a Vegan without missing out on any essential nutrients needed for optimum health.
  • Nutrition education to learn what to do, supported by chefs cooking lessons for how to do it.

Initial consultations: 90 minutes

Includes Nutrition charts and recipes