A favourite Salad meal for 4 – 6 people, or a side dish for 8 – 10 to share.

A mouthwatering combination of crispy leaves. High in plant protein and iron, minerals and vitamins, healthy fats, packed with fibre.

A powerhouse of nutrition, and, did I mention – DELICIOUS

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A tremendous stand-alone summer lunch or a wonderful addition to a Family lunch, dinner or BBQ spread.

Your miso satay sauce and the crunchy peanuts are provided separately for you to finish just before you serve it.

Keep in the fridge at 4 degrees for several days. This dish is not suitable for freezing.

Please note:

Our produce is locally sourced wherever possible, many ingredients are organic (grains, legumes, nuts and seeds are always organic!)

We do not use preservatives in our healthy, whole-food plant-based meals, so the ‘Best-before’ dates are short.




vegetables may vary depending on seasonal availability

New potatoes, Radishes, Red cabbage, Capsicums, Coriander, Parsley, Spring onions, Celery, French beans, Cucumbers, Bean Sprouts, and Organic roast peanuts; on a base of organic quinoa


All organic: raw peanut butter, lime juice, apple cider vinegar, organic Shiro miso, tamari, garlic, ginger root, toasted sesame oil, Canadian maple syrup, sea salt, peppermill