Lean & Clean Selection Box – Detox Support

$118.00 $100.00

Our variety is carefully selected for optimum nutrition for a nutritionally balanced week while also supporting you through detox.

1x kombucha, 1x pickles, 5x frozen meals, 2x refrigerator meals, 1x large seasonal salad, 1x amaranth and beet natural iron boost, 1x vegetable condiment (ferment, pickles, etc…).

18 in stock (can be backordered)


You don’t have to miss out on nutrition when detoxing your body.

Our Lean & Clean boxes are designed to:

  • Allow you to maintain optimum nutrition during detox
  • Save you the pain of deciding, planning, shopping and cooking for a week
  • Enable you to access home-cooked, wholesome food without spending too much time in the kitchen
  • Give you an opportunity to have a trial week of plant-based eating
  • Support a gut-cleanse
  • Make a great present for someone who needs, or just deserves a break.

No added oil, no sugar, no dairy, vegan


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