Cooking for Gut Health & strong immune defence June 1


Hippocrates said: ‘Let thy Food be thy Medicine’! That’s exactly what we are trying to teach at Foodworx.
Plant foods prepared correctly and combined the right way can do just that!

This is for you, if:

  1. You need to change some of your food choices to improve your gut health and need help to get started.
  2. You want to learn to correctly cook legumes, whole grains & seeds, vegetables and fruit, to have a greater variety of dishes to choose from.
  3. You decided to try plant-based for a set period for health reasons, like, increasing your fibre intake, reducing your saturated fat intake, lowering your cholesterol, strengthening your immune system, wanting to lose weight or alkalising your system.
  4. You choose a vegan lifestyle and want to make sure you cover all macro & micronutrients without any animal products.
Tickets for this Master class: 100.00
Saturday, June 1, from 1.00 to 4.00 pm
Includes your 3-hour lesson, all high quality, mostly organic ingredients
A sit-down sampling of dishes with plenty of time for Q & A
Your recipe folder to take home so can put your new skills into practice

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The health of our gut is a strong indicator of our overall well-being!

The right food is essential for a healthy gut and a strong immune defence:

  • Fibre-rich food – legumes and whole grains
  • fermented food – prebiotic to feed our gut bacteria
  • unprocessed whole foods, a great assortment of fruit, vegetables and greens

This Lesson may include:

  • How to sprout chickpeas and turn them into a delicious beetroot hummus
  • Why do we soak grains and legumes and how do cook them correctly
  • French Lentil Salad
  • How to cook Quinoa and turn it into a delicious Tabouleh
  • Fermenting Kimchi and using it in a mouthwatering Kimchi Pancake
  • We share some Chef’s tips and practical meal prep ideas to help you save time

Please bring an apron and a bowl (container) to take home a ‘Buddha’ Bowl of leftovers.

The class starts on Sat, April 6 at 1.00 pm

7 Antree Place in Wamberal