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How to Transition to a Plant-Based Diet in a Healthy Way

How to Transition to a Plant-Based Diet in a Healthy Way

Plant-Based ‘Food Plate’ with its 5 Main Families:

  • Vegetables
    • Whole grains
    • Legumes
    • Fruits
    • Nuts & seeds

It is essential to include all 5 food groups in your daily meal plan.
In my upcoming series of online cooking classes, we examine them closely and learn why they are all so important for our health.

  1. Whole grains & pseudo-grains (seeds) – why do we need to eat whole grains; how close to the natural grains are bread, pasta, breakfast cereals? How to sprout, ferment …and, we will demonstrate ways to cook them and also make a delicious miso granola
  2. Legumes – to soak or not to soak? How important is this high protein, low-calorie food, that has between 15 and 23 % fibre, has the lowest Gi (wonderful for people with type 2 diabetes), is affordable and easy to prepare; we will find out … and we will prepare tofu in a way that makes you fall in love with it (just in case you are not yet)
  3. Vegetables & fruits – it is not by accident that the strongest animals eat mostly green leafy vegetables. We will discover delicious ways to cook them (as well as all other vegetable families) pickle or prepare them raw; we demonstrate the best ways to store vegetables and herbs. We will also learn about oils; some so essential, others to be avoided.
  4. Nuts/seeds – so important in a balanced diet with their high protein and multiple unsaturated fatty acids. We will show easy ways to integrate them into our daily meals. Soaking, sprouting, activating and we will make a gorgeous pesto with activated pumpkin seeds,
  5. Toppings, spices, vinegar, and condiments – spicing up every dish naturally. There is no need to buy sauces and condiments that often are harmful to our digestive systems. We will make a quick cashew aioli and ginger lime dressing, gremolata, just to name a few.

Desserts can be a treat, but at the same time add essential nutrients to our diet. By no means do they have to be unhealthy? I have devoted a 3-part online series to just sugar-free baking. Also, I offer hands-on classes as soon as covid19 restrictions allow for it.

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