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How to create sustainable & lifelong change in 2022

How to create sustainable & lifelong change in 2022

How to create sustainable & lifelong change this new year

LOVE is the key to a meaningful life, and our capacity to LOVE OURSELVES determines our HAPPINESS! It is too easy to let ourselves be consumed by feelings of regret, jealousy, resentment, hate, grief and anger towards others and ourselves. Let`s start the year, not with superficial, short-lived intentions, but with the intention to forgive, be grateful and compassionate to others and ourselves.

CULTIVATE SELF-COMPASSION. Learn how to stop comparing yourself to others, embrace your flaws and differences. Silence the judgmental and self-critical dialogue in your head, telling you that you are not good enough. Ask yourself what you love about yourself, every single day. As humans, we are not perfect, learn that that is okay. Build another voice in your head that is gentler, wiser, and wants the best for you.

PRACTICE SELF-CARE. No matter how hectic your schedule is, take some time, every day, for something you love doing, even if it`s only 10 minutes. Learn to listen to your body and rest, and feel from your heart as opposed to letting your mind be in control all the time. Love yourself with good food and nutrition, gentle exercise and being with nature, and know that your body deserves it.

DON`T LOOK AT ANY SCREENS ONE HOUR PRIOR TO BEDTIME. That means no Instagram, Facebook, and even Netflix. The blue light interferes with the production of melatonin, disrupting sleep. Create a new ritual such as making a cup of tea or hot chocolate, and reading a book or meditating.

DITCH THE PROCESSED SUGAR, You may already be reserving the cake for birthdays and desserts for special occasions, but try taking a closer look at the amount of sugar you are consuming. Some of the not so obvious suspects include ketchup, mustard, salad dressings and most convenient condiments. Why should you cut them out? Because they raise your risk of heart disease, cancer, diabetes and Alzheimer`s. Making your own is a lot easier than you think. Send us a message if you need recipes or help.

REDUCE YOUR TOXIC LOAD.  Many small changes add up to big ones. In addition to being mindful about what you put in your body, there are many things that you can do in your home to reduce the toxic load on your body. Choosing non-toxic cleaning products and skincare. Grow your own vegetables and herbs, getting some indoor plants to purify the air around you. Instead of focusing only on what to eliminate from your diet, think about what you are going to add to it to help your body processes daily toxins – such as ensuring that you eat plenty of leafy greens, beets and fermented vegetables every single day.

RESET YOUR BODY WITH A REGULAR DETOX. Like the rest of our body, the liver, kidney and digestive system need a little R&R after a heavy week or Festive Season. Your body is exposed to toxins every single day, including pesticides, herbicides, additives and preservatives in the food we consume. A regular detox diverts energy away from the digestive system and puts it to good use in other areas, such as helping to heal your gut lining and giving your liver a break. Maybe a juice cleanse for a few days or a few days of a simple raw organic food diet, maybe supplemented by some aloe vera juice and some liver-cleansing herbs like milk thistle to help aid the cleansing, detoxing process.

TAKE IT SLOW. Adopting all of these new rituals all at once can be daunting. Try adopting one each week. Quality thoughts, water, sleep, breath, movement and good food are the key to better health and happiness. Be gentle with yourself and incorporate these new rituals into your daily habits slowly, in order to create more sustainable and lifelong change.