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Habits are your most faithful servants or the most destructive masters

What habit says about itself, Our lifestyle is really a series of habits.

You may know me

I am your constant companion

I can be your best friend, but I can become your greatest burden

I catapult you forward but I can also bring you to your knees

I am at your service 27/7; half of your tasks you can easy leave to me

I do it fast, efficient, reliable and always the same way if that’s what you wish It’s easy to get on with me –  you just have to be very strict with me show me exactly how you would like things done and with very little practice I will do that automatically for you

I am the servant of all great men and women but I’m also the servant of all people who fail in life

I’ve made all people who they are; I work with the Precision of a computer and the intelligence of a human

You can use me for your success, but also for your destruction and ruin.

To me it doesn’t matter use me as you wish – just be aware – if you are lenient and soft with me, I will destroy you!

You have to be strict and relentless with me! Then I will lay the world at Your Feet



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