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how kombucha works

16 Reasons Why Kombucha Works

We have often heard off the positive health effects of Kombucha. Especially for the intestinal flora.  In order to understand what makes Kombucha so healthy and what distinguishes it from other soft drinks, one has to deal with the process of preparation.

Kombucha was already known as a healing drink in Chinese medicine more than 2000 years ago. Due to the many different ingredients, Kombucha has a comprehensive effect in the most diverse areas of the human body.

Habits are your most faithful servants or the most destructive masters

What habit says about itself, Our lifestyle is really a series of habits.

You may know me

I am your constant companion

I can be your best friend, but I can become your greatest burden

I catapult you forward but I can also bring you to your knees

I am at your service 27/7; half of your tasks you can easy leave to me

I do it fast, efficient, reliable and always the same way if that’s what you wish It’s easy to get on with me –  you just have to be very strict with me show me exactly how you would like things done and with very little practice I will do that automatically for you

I am the servant of all great men and women but I’m also the servant of all people who fail in life

I’ve made all people who they are; I work with the Precision of a computer and the intelligence of a human

You can use me for your success, but also for your destruction and ruin.

To me it doesn’t matter use me as you wish – just be aware – if you are lenient and soft with me, I will destroy you!

You have to be strict and relentless with me! Then I will lay the world at Your Feet