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Introuction to FoodWorx Coaching by Fransiska Prosser.

franziska prosser

One could say that my whole life revolves around food:

  • Cooking apprenticeship in Maria Alm
  • Young chef and pastry chef at the Hilton, Vienna
  • Masters degree in Patisserie & Confiserie in Kur-Konditorei Oberlaa under the direction of Karl Schuhmacher
  • Transfer within the Hilton chain for the opening of the Adelaide Hilton hotel in Australia – 2 years
  • Followed by two years as a teacher at the Vocational College for Bakers & Confectioners in the East Sydney Tafe and as a lecturer at the AGL Cooking School in North Sydney.
  • Two years Chef Patissière at Goldcoast International Hotel (5 stars)
  • Chef Patissière for the opening of the Peppers on Sea hotel in Terrigal (Crown Plaza chain), Central Coast – 2 years until the pregnancy with my daughter Orlena.

More About Franziska

During my pregnancy I was supported by Dr. Ziema McDonell ( psychologist, biochemist and nutritionist) at the Health & Healing Centre in Chatswood; We became friends and she stood by my side, with my two other children as well, with a great deal of knowledge and passion for giving our children the best possible start in life. Her enjoyment and awareness of healthy lifestyle piqued me. I attended her lectures and completed her extensive “Help Yourself to Health” training. My desire, sparked by Karl Schuhmacher, to search for new ways to improve recipes, make them lighter, juicier, more seductive, was expanded by the need for healthier, less sweet, less fat. However, a significant turning point came once more from my children: When I wanted to bake a cake for Matthias, our youngest, for a birthday, Christiane, the middle daughter asked me: “Mummy, is it a nice one or a healthy one?” What? Why not both in one? This challenge has never left me again: In our café-restaurant in Erina (Brandos), fresh, local, seasonal and healthy cuisine was our motto, and we became known for it. At my work, managing Platinum Blu Restaurant and then Sage Cafe in Erina Fair, the challenge of offering a more healthful way of eating out continued. A more plant-based menu was a natural progression.

The high interest in healthy plant-based nutrition among trainers and visitors at the nearby gym has led me to start offering workshops and cooking classes, and finally training with the Vitalakademie in Austria as a nutrition coach.
Why I started FOODWORX Coaching: I love cooking, healthy cooking, some think that I am obsessed, and I believe HIPPOCRATES WAS RIGHT ALREADY 2000 YEARS AGO WHEN HE SAID: “LET FOOD BE THY MEDICINE AND MEDICINE BE THY FOOD ” I want to break down the great amount of intimitating information about nutrition out there and demonstrate the simplicity of flavoursome cooking of delicious, nutrient tense, enzyme rich, healthful food.

Clients Says

Robert Corse-Scott

Being a chef for 30 years I have still learnt so much from Franziska. Her passion for healthy food and her cooking skills are rare to find. I would highly recommend anyone looking for advice or just to get healthy to come to a class. I think you will be surprised by what you learn.

Robert Corse-Scott

Sasha Abernathy

Loved the planted based cooking classes especially the sugar and dairy free baking class. Definitely worth checking it out.

Sasha Abernathy

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