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A personalised consultation gives us an opportunity to work out exactly where we’re starting from, what your personal challenges are and health goals. Get in touch to find out more.

plant based cooking workshops

Healthy and delicious can go hand in hand, at the same time as reducing your carbon footprint. We offer cooking demonstration with theory in this class.


We have a fantastic range of classes from sugar free baking to a family feast, fermentation and more. Check out our classes page to find our time or get in touch on the contact page for more information.


Franziska Prosser

One could say that my whole life revolves around food.

  • Cooking apprenticeship in Maria Alm
  • Young chef and pastry chef at the Hilton, Vienna
  • Masters degree in Patisserie & Confiserie in Kur-Konditorei Oberlaa under the direction of Karl Schuhmacher

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There are few daily actions we perform as regularly as eating; fuelling our bodies. There are also few activities that have such far-reaching consequences for our bodies and our environment.

There are few things as intimate to us as our food, which actually becomes part of our selves with every single meal. Yet we frequently do not give enough thought to what we are putting in our mouths. There may be a small, niggling thought in your mind that there must be a healthier way to eat; and that maybe DELICIOUS AND HEALTHY need not be mutually exclusive.

How could it happen that something as essential as our food became something so incomprehensible and complicated? This question led me to focus on the topic of nutrition in my cooking. Several times a day, we literally hold our well-being, our own health, in our hands with our knives and forks. The choice of our food and its preparation can cause illness or protect us from it. I can help with a good, personalised plan, ongoing support, not just with what to do but also show you how to do it in my workshops.


  • Lifestyle Change to More (Or Only) Plant-Based Food Without Missing Out on Essential Nutrients
  • Gut Restoration
  • Meal Planning for Permanent Weight Management


  • How to make your own fermented food for optimum gut-health
  • Introduction to Plant-based (whole-food) Cooking
  • Refined sugar free and vegan Baking
  • Bake and decorate a “naked” Birthday cake
  • Baking healthy for Christmas
  • Cooking for the whole family
  • Hospitality Industry Workshops
  • BIRTHDAY/PARTY WORKSHOPS – combines cooking, learning and having fun with your friends,
  • Cooking for a feast

Coaching and Workshops

Franziska has put together a great range of healthy and delicous classes
from her kitchen studio in Wamberal on the beautiful Central Coast.

fermentation workshops

Fermentation Workshop

We explore a gut-friendly lifestyle to promote our physical and emotional health. You will gain alot of understanding from this class.

sugar free baking classes

Sugar Free Baking

Whole-food desserts, nutritious and delicious Yes, that is possible!
Without sugar and gluten.

Cooking for a feast

Cooking A Feast

Impress your guests: a good plan to create a buffet that is festively colourful, absolutely delicious and nutritious. Make an enquiry today.

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Customer Recommendations

Read what our people have said about our courses and demos.

Robert Corse-Scott

Being a chef for 30 years I have still learnt so much from Franziska. Her passion for healthy food and her cooking skills are rare to find. I would highly recommend anyone looking for advice or just to get healthy to come to a class. I think you will be surprised by what you learn.

Robert Corse-Scott

Sasha Abernathy

Loved the planted based cooking classes especially the sugar and dairy free baking class. Definitely worth checking it out.

Sasha Abernathy

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